Hello and Welcome to Rust Factions PvP/RP!

This server was built to inject group collaboration, borders and politics into the world of Rust, requiring interactions and diplomacy between groups as prelude to hostilities or conflict. We have a long and fascinating history, all created by unique and clever players like you. Choose your friends, faction, alliances and enemies. Create and defend your borders and welcome citizens. Engage in economics, taxation, exploration or religion. Spark diplomacy and peace or hostilities. Even attempt to conquer the world if you dare, but you will certainly need help. All actions are determined by real players, like you, and thus you will find a great deal of allegory in attempts to have large sweeping impacts on the island (be sure to make yourself well familiar with the server rules of engagement and respectful conduct between factions). If you don't have the stomach for robust player interactions, politics or diplomacy, then this server may not be what you're looking for. We are about the stories that lead to cooperation or conflict. Everyone wants to leave their mark, and that starts with how you inspire the minds of those around you. How will you do it?

If you feel like you need inspiration on how to begin, I suggest looking to our subreddit ( There you will find a searchable history going back many years and no end of stories from current and previous factions' success and failures alike. Stories both legendary and infamous. You can also reach out on our Discord server or in-game to our handful of Community Reps and Staff members who enjoy inspiring people to find excitement and fulfillment in our world. Thank you for joining us!

Raise armies & Claim lands

Our custom made territory and faction plugin; Conquest, opens a world of possibilities, not found on other servers. Set taxes, forge alliances, expand territory and a whole more - all supported without any extra downloads and seamlessly integrated into the game map and interface.


In game rewards

Earn points, just by playing! Our ever evolving RP points system add more depth to the game - unlocking items and features not normally obtainable - but without disrupting the game balance or economy. Plant trees, skin items, buy role-play items and more!

Fully Supported Banditry

Banditry are fully supported on Rust Factions. Our bespoke plugins allow you to lead a life of crime (being unlocked after playing for a short time), to rob unsuspecting tourists - even in safe zones! Beware though: should your target resist, you'll be trapped into a duel to the death...


Hunt a bounty, or enforce the law

Need to settle a grudge? With our unique bounty plugin, you can get someone else to do the dirty work.
Want to enforce the law? With tasers, handcuffs and police vehicles, Rust Factions has everything you need to clean up the streets

Free use of Sign Artist and Skinbox

Sick of servers nickle and diming their players? Not here. Everyone has access to the popular sign artist plugin, as well as our own, bespoke version of skinbox. All players can skin deployables, clothes and armour without paying a cent.