Rules of War (Faction vs. Faction Conflicts)


Factions must hold one tile of land and a designated HQ to declare war (controlled by Plugin)

All declarations must consist of a minimum of three parts:

    • A brief history/tie in with the lore of your faction
    • A reason for your conflict
    • Your goal or desired outcome

This is a bare minimum 100 word declaration that has all three of the newly required aspects:

We, the Knights of the Square Table (KST), a sovereign nation dedicated to the protection of innocents driven from their lands by foreign wars, are tired of the actions of the faction KILLERS, who have continually declared war on their neighbors, causing them to flee to our lands.We are going to eliminate this aggressive threat once, and for all. We will drive these savages away, and return the lands to their rightful owners; the previous residents, the faction known as FUNGI.Their supplies will be forfeit, to be dispersed as we see fit. Signed by Faction Leader Bob Smith

  • The declaration could be propaganda, it does not need to be completely literal or factual. Arguing a declaration based on ‘it’s not true’ or ‘bullshit’ will not cause a cessation to the war or a punishment to be given. Wars throughout history have been fought without literal truth behind them; if anything most are politically motivated and often have a fair bit of propaganda or glossing over of facts.
  • Reports based on insufficient content to the declaration or somehow otherwise ‘invalid’ must be made within 60 minutes of the time of the initial Reddit post. If they launch an attack in the dead of night for you, that could be three in the afternoon for them. We operate across all timezones.
  • If you make a declaration, and are asked to hold your activity by staff, or stop and correct your declaration before continuing, do so. Failure to follow instructions of staff will lead to jailing, and could turn the tide of battle. You have been warned; and staff will not intervene if you’re affected by jailing when you were told to stop your activity.

Your claims are where it is expected that you operate out of as a faction. This means that your loot is primarily on your land. You may not hide your loot off claim or in towns (barring reasonable shops). It is understandable to have resourcing bases or hidden caches to allow you to rebuild a small base but it is not to be abused… We have plenty of means to check in on that.

Defensive despawning is not allowed, as an alternative though you are allowed to attempt to escape to Badlands or another of your claims while your as is under attack. -This is to allow good faith attempts to make a daring escape under fire. Not expressly to deny loot. A good attacker can easily thwart an escape but a clever defender can live to rebuild another day

War must then be declared in game using the ‘/war declare’ command

After war is declared, you must refrain from use of any explosive or incendiary devices or ammunition for one hour from the in-game or Reddit declaration (which ever is lesser)

Warring factions may attack and kill each other whenever encountered on the map.

Individuals not affiliated with either warring side are prohibited from direct involvement.

However, if you are attacked first, you may defend yourself. But do not abuse the war zone, it should be avoided by un-involved parties.

There must be a path from the tiles adjacent to the opponent’s territory to their HQ in order to attack the HQ.

Attack from ‘outside in’

Tiles can be badlands, wilderness or another faction Consider ocean tiles as border tiles that cannot be attacked from.

Expanded Explanation:

Factions should have a reason to be at war with another faction and interactions with other faction members/leadership should be taken. It is highly recommended to speak to the faction leader before coming to war, this is a server about having fun and telling a story not about being the biggest or the best. Give the people you are warring with the opportunity to engage and take part in the fun. It is best to use the #diplomacy channel on Discord if possible. Think from a story/RP first perspective where possible.

Raiding is not allowed on claimed land without a declaration of war being made by a landholding faction on the subreddit using appropriate flair. Independent players cannot raid on claimed land.

You should have a clear and prominent reason for your war. Factions must wait at least 1 hour before raiding after a declaration of war, but shooting battles are fine during this time frame. Explosives, flamethrowers or incendiary rockets and base cracking are not. Please note that staff use the most recent time when identifying when one hour has passed, either Reddit or in-game declaration

When a faction buys a mercenary (indie), the mercenary temporarily becomes apart of that faction (and must be in clan). Temporarily allowing the indie to raid with the faction.

Factions hired as mercenaries or assisting allies must post a war declaration and declare in game like a normal faction stating they are assisting for either side in a war, including declaration on reddit. You cannot piggyback the declaration of another faction If your contractor has been defeated you are still considered at war unless you come to peace with the other faction. This is the risk you take as a Merc Faction/Involved ally.

Raiding factions can acquire enemy non headquarters bases/claims by taking the cabinets and replacing doors during war. The HQ can be taken once you have claimed the land leading up to it. This means if you want to hit the enemies main base you will have to fight your way to it. A single-tile path from wilderness, badlands or an adjacent faction is sufficient to begin raiding the opponent HQ.

Factions that have lost their HQ will need a new HQ claimed before claiming land.

A raiding faction can damage and steal from an enemies base, but not foundation wipe outside of Badlands. Walling off the inside of a base after taking it to render it unusable is considered griefing and against the spirit of the rule.

Factions cannot sell, relinquish or transfer land during a time of war without the permission of all parties involved in the war. Factions attempting to circumvent this rule by any means may be subject to punishment by the admin and forfeiture of lands depending on the severity of the circumvention.

Factions that have had all of their land taken from them are automatically considered defeated and must find and claim new land before they can declare war again. They still can protect their base structure if the raid against it has not been completed by the raiding party, but they will not be able to counterattack without first reclaiming their land.

It is strongly advised that in the event of total defeat to attempt to come to peace terms with the opponent and or join forces with another faction. Defeat isnt the end, merely a chance for a new story to be told.

Code Raiding” is considered meta-gaming and a dickish thing to do and is not allowed. Anybody found giving out faction codes and those using faction codes to raid will be punished. We have logs, we know what you did.

If you are not directly involved in the war, it is advised that you remain clear of the regions at war. However, it is against the rules to get involved in a war you’re faction is not involved with or interfere with a war in progress as an independent. If you want to get involved, declare yourself so it puts your lands at risk as well; independents are advised to avoid warzones.