Raiding May Be Conducted on Wilderness & Badlands Bases at Any Time by Anyone

Raiding May Be Conducted on Bases within a Land Claim by any Member of the Owning Faction at Any Time

(Players Should Be Aware that a Faction Giving Permission to Live on Their Land Does Not Guarantee They Will Not Be Raided)

Attempting to Raid a Base on Claimed Land that You Don’t Own Will Fail and Result in No Damage Except during War between the Faction that Holds the Lands and Yours (Protected By Plugin)

Code Raiding Is Prohibited at all times. (this is using base codes obtained through any means to loot a factions base)

Raid bubbles are not an excuse to attack a base on claimed land that happens to be in the bubble for no reason.

When you’re Being Evicted from a Town the Fight is Over When you Lose Your Bag/Bed

If You Lost, You Must Engage in RP before Continuing Hostilities

Players are Allowed to Protect their Base & Valuables

The Fight is Over When you Lose Your TC & The Raidbubble Disappears*

*Causing a raid bubble to form, then allowing it to dissipate before continuing raid or leaving the raid is considered exploitative to prevent counter raiding may be punishable at discretion of staff. DO NOT expect protection by staff if you waited for a raid bubble to end and someone shot you leaving the base you were raiding.

Please note that climbing into a structure through an open window or breaking twig to gain entry is not considered raiding. Raiding is breaking something other than twig, either with tools or explosives to gain entry to a base. Please remember to upgrade and secure your base against people being able to easily gain entry.

Note that shooting out twig is generally legal, however if the owner of the twig structure is still actively building it is concidered griefing and will be punished.