Official Towns

Official Towns

Official towns are communities that a Faction or individual applies for in the previous Era and chooses to dedicate themselves to for the following Era. They are generally run by a faction that oversees upkeep, in exchange for controlling the building design, layout and makeup of their citizenry.

Factions are an excellent starting point for new players who have yet to establish themselves on the server. In a sense cities are feeders for factions, where players meet people and form a faction. Some may choose to live in the cities and enjoy indie life. And it

In exchange for applying as an Official Town, the community will be provided with a starter kit consisting of 10k Stone, 10k Wood, 2k Frags, 300 Scrap, Door + Codelock and a TC (which is to be used for the Town, NOT the HQ base/claim), a pre-reserved claim during wipe day, and staff assistance with claiming. Later, after the town council has built a level 2 workbench, the town will be provided with a recycler (based on staff availability).

If needed, Admin or sAdmins will hang banners or aesthetic items crafted by the town management in areas that are otherwise challenging to get to and can help turning recources into greater stacks (again, based on staff availability). Requests for staff assistance should be made in #questions-for-staff on the Rust Factions Discord.

Official towns are expected to evict residents within RP; posting an eviction notice and tagging the resident in their respective townchannel on Discord, and/or posting on Reddit is strongly recommended. Staff will not assist with internal town politics unless rules have been broken.

There is no set structure on ‘how to build a town’. Some towns will just be collections of independent structures with their own individual Tool Cabinets, and some will be planned communities that have designated building designed and builders, and will supply you with a room, apartment or home and not permit modifications.

Turrets are permitted for safety, generally on peacekeeper mode and with signs clearly posted at town entrances.

If you are targeted by the attack helicopter, you must immediately suicide. Do not hide within the town. Please note that looting an individual who suicides to the attack helicopter is prohibited and you can be jailed, items will be returned to the individual. Pulling the attack helicopter to attack a town, or any structure that you do not own, is considered greifing.

Please note that all members of the owning faction will have faction abilities within tile, including raiding within the town (which we strongly recommend not doing without a strong RP cause, such as eviction; and generally contacting the staff ahead of time). We STRONGLY suggest that you consider multiple factions if you are allowing newcommers to be involved in your city (i.e. Core Faction – Police – Gathering Staff) until they have proven themselves loyal.

Code raiding and griefing (including signage) in town will be dealt with harshly.


Applications for Official Towns

Applications are submitted for the following Era on the website during the Third week of an Era, with successful applications being posted during the first two days of the fourth week of an Era.  Applications can be submitted above under ‘Town Applications’.

In order to receive your recycler, you must place a public level 2 workbench which is accessible to all residents.


Official Towns & War

The faction running the town must have a seperate and designated HQ at least 1 tile away from any town space within 7 days from the start of the Era.   This allows the faction to still engage in inter-faction conflict without necessarily endangering the town and it’s residents; although the owning faction should notify the community via Reddit post of a conflict if known.  During a war on the owning faction, the town should not be considered a valid looting target until the HQ is captured.   Gun battles near towns are unavoidable during war, but citizens should avoid getting involved in wars unless they join one of the warring factions or unless fired upon, or without engaging in Roleplay.

Essentially, remember that you are declaring war on the owning faction, not the town.

After capturing the town territory, you may assume ownership and operate the town as you see fit.  

Official Towns & Politics

Not everyone is going to get along.  Conflict can create some excellent Roleplay experiences.

Insurrections from within the town, demanding votes for mayor, etc is well within Roleplay.  However, please also realize that putting the boot onto the throat of dissidents may also be within Roleplay.  If you’re going to engage with politics that may affect the town, please post in #reports to have a staff contact you, and staff will coordinate with you to ensure rules are not broken, and we can be prepared for the fallout of the events.  

Non Official 'Settlements'

Many land-owning factions may come to have non-factioned citizens residing on their land.  This provides a ‘tax base’ indirectly, as what is farmed on their lands has a 20% bonus deposited into the faction’s tax chest at no cost of materials to the ‘farmer’, along with a variable rate taken directly from the ‘farmer’ as set by the owning faction.

This is a strong incentive to allow individuals to build and farm within your territory, as it’s nice to wake up to a tax box full of wood, stone and sulfur.

However, individuals are reminded that Factions can lie; they could allow you to move into their territory and then raid your buildings.  Although you can defend, this happens enough that a reminder is necessary.  

At the discretion of staff, if a non-official community has formed that is strong, well designed and well run; if an official town has fallen into disarray or conflict, we may choose to move the Official designation to the new community, along with the recycler and other benefits. However there will be a maximum of 3 spawned in recyclers on the map at any time.