General Conduct

General Conduct Rules apply server wide.


Attempt to resolve your in-game problems in-character(IC) first. Staff are not omnipresent, and their intervention should not be your first option when dealing with minor grievances. Players need to know and understand, that as a community, they need to be able to protect and police each other (within reason).


Be respectful to other players. Out-of-character(OOC) name calling and offensive insults are not appropriate in-game, Reddit or Discord. Keep it civil.  Insults in voice or local-chat(/l) must be in IC and not insulting of race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.  Harassment and abuse of other

players outside the realm of gameplay is prohibited.


Don’t sling ban threats, rule violations and general vitriol around in chat, Discord or Reddit. If you have a problem with someone RP it out. If the behavior is constant/excessive or overly toxic contact an admin via the reports channel not global chat (this makes our job harder).


Do not lie or mislead staff when we are investigating reports. Attempting to hide rule-breaking behavior will simply result in a more severe action than just following a simple corrective action.


Racist remarks, in-game signs and player or faction names of any kind are subject to muting, kicking, jailing or banning at discretion of staff.


“Microphone-spam” of music and sound effects are allowed but should be used sparingly. If a player asks you to stop, stop.


Use of sign artist to create pornographic or extremely offensive signs is prohibited. Blatantly offensive content will be removed and punishment will be assigned at the discretion of admins. ;, We know this is generally an adult game but remember there is a censorship setting in this game for a reason you can’t censor a SIL image.


Staff reserve the right to institute corrective action against individuals that they feel are detrimental to the server where a specific rule is not in place, or remove players that they feel are against the well-being of the server.


Staff are here to ensure good game play. Actions meant to skirt the rules, to take advantage of gray areas, or specifically push the limits of what is acceptable may be met with admin intervention. If staff informs you that you are going too far, then listen to them and adjust your behaviour accordingly.When in doubt check with staff first.


Lastly, if staff has made a decision in a case, in absence of new evidence that will be their final decision. Arguing, spamming,or insulting of staff will not be tolerated. If you feel you must make an abuse allegation, do it through our Discord and by making a report directly to staff.


If you’re going to make allegations of player or staff abuse, make sure you have proof to back it up.


OBS Studio and many other free recording programs are available to you; you should consider having them available for use. A simple kill-screen is generally not really enough for a finding of KoS. Nothing is better proof for staff than straight uncut video.


Above all, this is a privately operated, volunteer run server. We’re creating the environment for you to tell your story, but not every interaction needs staff involvement. You are encouraged to use diplomacy, politics, ruthlessness, intelligence and perseverance in your life here. Remember: every month the server will wipe, so don’t take losses too seriously. You cannot win in Rust; you can only not-lose for a little bit longer.


Any hacking or script use will be thoroughly investigated and punished by the admin team. If you believe you have solid evidence of this taking place, send it to the admin team. This includes exploiting game bugs to gain an advantage over other players. Repeated false hackusations are also punishable.


Don’t come to staff about someone you think is hacking without some form of proof.

Non game modifying script use (such as guitar scripts) are allowed; however if they trigger a ban from EasyAntiCheat we cannot assist with that.


Faction or Player Names

Racist or otherwise offensive/hateful names whether faction or player names are not allowed.


Any advert or websites in names are also not allowed.


If asked by staff to modify player/faction names please do so