FAQ For New Players


First off welcome to Rust Factions! We are glad you have chosen to join us and hope you find as many good times and good people as we have over the eras.


The quickest way to a ban on this server is toxic behavior, racism, bigotry and other hateful behavior. This also includes OOC and IRL insulting and banter. Keep it in the realm of the game and within RP. At the end of the day this is a video game and we are all here to have fun. Remember that there is a person on the other end of that text on your screen and try to be kind to one another.


A Note About Names


Any racist/bigoted names are not allowed and you will be kicked and asked to change it at the admins discretion. Games with any .com link adverts in them are also not allowed on Rustifac. Any names with Nazi symbolism or any offensive racial stereotypes are not allowed. Real life politics are strictly forbidden as all they do is cause drama. This all applies to faction names as well as player names.




Q: Wtf do I do in here yo?


A: The world is your oyster here (within reason) and we love to see creative RPs take shape on the server. A good bet for most newcomers is to find and join a city/town where other people can help you learn the ropes and have fun interactions while getting acclimated to the Rustifac culture. Towns are an excellent starting point to build relationships with fellow players and set out in the world as a faction. Opening a shop of some sort is always a popular option in those cities/towns and allows people to RP as a type of merchant while making a profit and providing a service.


Remember this is an RP server, this is a place about taking a game that is about moments, and turning it into one about stories.



Q: Where can I build?


A: The short answer is that you can build anywhere. The longer answer is that if you build in the wilderness/unclaimed land you can be raided at will. This also applies to the badlands as well as badlands being KoS areas. You can build on claimed land but it is always wise to ask a faction before building on their claim as they can raid you and will probably if you build on their land without authorization. There are usually multiple factions that are fine with independent players (Indies) building on their land is asked first. Of course going back to the last question, cities/towns are always the safest bet where these things are concerned. Please note that tool cupboards on this server must be accessible by either a door or a ladder hatch and can’t be walled in.


Q: Where can I KoS/PVP/KillSomeMawfks


A: First off to answer a common question, the wilderness is NOT KoS. The wilderness is simply unclaimed land. The main PVP that happens on the server happens in what we refer to as the “badlands”. You will clearly know you are in the badlands as a chat message will pop up saying you have entered the badlands and the bottom left of your screen will have a red message saying badlands. The badlands are also marked by large transparent domes via a plugin on the server for clear identification. The badlands will always consist of most large radtowns except for a select few like the Harbor and Sewer Branch. The small monuments (Light House, Gas Station, Supermarket and Mining Outpost) are NOT KoS. Some eras we will have a section of the map that is labled as badlands with perks such as higher gathering rates in the badlands, but this will vary era to era and will be clearly announced and marked. Air drops will spawn a large transparent bubble in the area it is dropping in to show that the area is now KoS until the bubble despawns. Helicopter crashes will also spawn a KoS bubble and the area will be KoS until the bubble despawns.




Please note that isolated KoS outside of these bounds is inevitable and we encourage you to try to RP any such encounters out but if a player is chronically KoSing the admins will step in and deal with them.




Q: Where/When Can I Raid?


A: Raiding is allowed in the wilderness/unclaimed land by anybody. Raiding is prohibited on claimed land unless done by the faction who owns the land. Please note that climbing into a structure through an open window or breaking twig to gain entry is not considered raiding. Raiding is breaking something other than twig, either with tools or explosives to gain entry to a base. Please remember to upgrade and secure your base against people being able to easily gain entry.




Q: How do I make a faction?


A: The faction plugin on the server is /faction and typing that will tell you the various commands for the plugin. To claim land you have to have a faction with three people in it. Further rules and instructions about factions, claiming and war can be found in the full rule list.


A Note About Griefing


Griefing on this server is things like placing traps, barricades, mines etc. down on, in, or around a players base or just randomly placing traps/mines down in the open where they will hurt/kill random people. Auto Turrets on Kill All mode must not be placed out in the open unless on a by a faction on that factions land and clearly marked by signage and barriers at least out of the shooting range of the turret. Also taking over a base, foundation wiping a base, walling in entrances to a base or any other action to make a base unusable is considered griefing.