Faction Rules

General Faction Rules

Factions currently can claim land as solo individuals.

Faction members may raid bases on their land claims at any time. Per our plug-in, Waggy Factions, buildings are protected outside of war from other players.

Factions are responsible for the management of their of own land. Factions may raid/evict/take control of structures on their land as means of lands management

Factions abusing land-claiming as a way to raid bases risk-free may see repercussions from staff.

Factions may create towns/settlements, the management and protection of which are up to the faction itself.


Factions may create and enforce their own laws provided their borders are clearly marked and a post announcing these laws is made on the Reddit. Faction laws can not overrule basic server rules. I.e you can’t make it legal to post racist imagery or pornography on signs.

These signs should be close enough to leave no option for someone to stumble into your enforcement region without seeing them.

If a compound/settlement is fully enclosed, your entry points will suffice. (though it is still advised to cover the perimeter). 

Understand straight KOS laws are a 2 way street. If you declare a zone of your territory KoS you are also at risk of being killed. Therefore think twice about creating such a law without good reason. U