Combat & PvP

Player vs. Player Combat:

  • Permitted at all times in designated Badland tiles
  • Permitted at all times in transparent PvP domes
  • Permitted at all times in designated ‘At War’ tiles between warring faction members only
  • Permitted at all times if attacked first, including in ‘At War’ tiles
  • Not permitted in wilderness or claimed tiles unless an appropriate Roleplay interaction has occurred. It is strongly advised that you record all encounters that you feel will lead to violence, as otherwise we must rely on logs of the interaction in the event that violence does occur.
  • If combat begins inside the badlands or within a PvP dome, you may pursue and continue the fight so long as your combat lock against that player remains.
  • You may not shoot into or out of a Badland tile or PvP dome
  • You cannot shoot from the Cargo Ship to the Shore, or from the Shoreline to the Cargo Ship. Anyone on boats or structures within the water is considered ‘fair game’ to anyone on the Cargo Ship and vice-versa.


Isolated KOS is inevitable. So unless there is a chronic KOSer that needs to be dealt with please turn the altercation into an RP event and deal with them from a community level. KOS is allowed between warring factions but if you down someone in error try to get them up if its safe to do so.

KOS is allowed in the badlands which are marked by transparent PVP domes and in blacked out badlands areas on /map . The area around an airdrop and around a chopper crash will have an automatic PVP marker dome placed to visually show the area that PVP is allowed in. This PVP dome will stay active for 10 minutes until it disappears and KoS is over. Shooting into or out of these domed areas will be treated as illegal KoS.

If you fail to engage in PVP beyond 1 map tile in game (for the purposes of easy identification) of a player leaving a drop/wreckage, transparent PvP dome, raid bubble, badlands border or other valid PvP scenario you will not be able to engage them without initiating RP.

Do not abuse the airdrop/wreckage rules to create an unlimited KOS zone. Players caught doing this may find themselves warned/banned. Anyone constantly complaining in public about KOSing will be warned to stop. If it continues they will receive a ban.

Sleepers are always fair game.

Counter raiding is allowed in wilderness inside of the PVP dome that pops up when a raid is taking place. As usual do not shoot into or out of the dome just as with any other PVP dome.

Not every killing is considered KOS. Bounty Hunters, killing of people that have infiltrated your homes, or other RP reasons are likely to not be KoS. Please consider that before filing a report.

Robbery, Banditry Is not permitted (ie walking up to someone and holding them up) The Role was often more abused than it was utilized and very very rarely did viable interactions come of it. It has since been replaced with Bounty hunting.