Combat & PvP

Player vs. Player(PvP) Combat

Isolated kill-on-sight(KoS), kills made without an RP reason or reasonable player interaction, are inevitable. If you are the victim of a KoS, and are unable to treat the altercation as an RP event and deal with the offender from a community level, make a report on our Discord #reports channel.

Not every killing outside of PvP zones is considered KoS. Consider potential RP reasons such as: killing someone who has infiltrated your home, protecting property, etc.  before filing a report.

General Rules

KoS /RDM (random death match) is  not permitted outside of Badlands or PvP domes unless an appropriate roleplay(RP) interaction has occurred. It is strongly advised that you record gameplay for proof in the event of KOS or claims of KOS against you. (For reference “Ima crazy murder hobo is not a valid rp interaction 99% of the time)

Permitted between warring faction members in WARZONE tiles

Permitted at all times in transparent black PvP domes

Permitted at all times if attacked first.(Self defense)

Permitted on players who have logged-off, “sleepers.”

Robbery / Banditry is not permitted (ie. walking up to someone and holding them up)

Combat tagging

When you do engage in PvP you will receive a combat lock/tag (indicated by a small red timer on the right side of your screen). This timer represents the maximum amount of time you can chase someone you are in combat with outside of PvP zones.

After the time has expired you will need to initiate RP before you may engage in combat.

This timer also prevents use of /shop.


We have designated PvP zones where KoS is allowed, the <a href=””>Badlands.</a> You may find where the Badlands are at anytime by typing /map and identifying the blacked-out regions.

PVP legal monuments have a permanent transparent black dome, in which pvp is always legal like badlands.

In addition to the Badlands, Airdrops and Helicopter Wreckage generate transparent black domes, which are placed to visually show the area that KoS is permitted in. Zones created in this way are destroyed 10 minutes after creation. If a building object is destroyed while in Wilderness, unclaimed land, a PvP bubble will also form.

You may not shoot into or out of a Badland tile or PvP dome to initiate combat, this will be treated as KoS.

You cannot shoot from the Cargo Ship to the Shore, or from the Shoreline to the Cargo Ship. Anyone on boats or structures within the water is considered ‘fair game’ to anyone on the Cargo Ship and vice-versa.

PVP bubbles are not an excuse to go deep on a players base. While it may be tempting to take advantage of sanctioned pvp to climb/fight your way into a base, don’t.