Building & Construction

  • Use of building exploits is not permitted. If you need clarification, the onus is on you to contact staff prior to performing an action.
  • Tool Cabinets cannot be enclosed by walls or windows, they must be accessible by door/hatch.  
  • All major rooms in your bases need to be accessible without use of exploits or dying/re-spawning in a bag. (i.e. No drop-box bunkers) with the exception of empty protective rooms (i.e. honeycombing).
  • Building rules are enforced map-wide, including Badlands


  • Traps and Turrets must be clearly marked outside of enclosed spaces, at slightly beyond the maximum turret or trap range; outside of Badlands.
  • Turrets signs must be placed so that any reasonable means to walk up to the turrets range are met with the warning.
  • Turrets placed inside Helicopter crash zones are allowed but they need to be marked with a sign under normal sign turret rules. is a good resource for some simple legible warning signs to /sil
  • Sam turret are fair game to place, at this time fly at your own risk. If you are shot down by a base you will not be compensated. But be aware there is a plugin to warn you about entering restricted airspace.
  • Cave bases cannot enclose the front entrance and only be accessible through drop-down. If an admin sees a base like this they will “correct” it how ever is necessary and that doesn’t involve placing doors for you.   


A Note About Griefing
  • Griefing on this server is things like placing traps, barricades, mines etc. down on, in, or around a players base or just randomly placing traps/mines down in the open where they will hurt/kill random people.
  • Do not vandalise signs.
  • While taking over a base is legal walling in entrances(or the entire base) to a base or any other action to make a base unusable is considered griefing.
  • Structures built to interfere with other players bases/structures MAY be considered griefing at admin discretion.