Building & Construction

  • Use of exploits is not permitted. If you need clarification, the onus is on you to contact staff prior to performing an action


    Tool Cabinets cannot be enclosed by walls or windows, they must be accessible by doors


    All major rooms in your bases need to be accessible without use of exploits or dying/re-spawning in a bag. (i.e. No drop-box bunkers) with the exception of empty protective rooms (i.e. honeycombing). Due to this “unlootable” loot rooms are not allowed.


    Building rules are enforced map-wide, including Badlands


    Traps and Turrets must be clearly marked outside of enclosed spaces, at slightly beyond the maximum turret or trap range; outside of Badlands.


    Turrets placed inside Helicopter crash zones are allowed but they need to be marked with a sign under normal sign turret rules. is a good resource for some simple legible warning signs to /sil


    Sam turrets (as you cannot float a sign 50 feet in the air for them) are fair game to place, at this time balloons are fly at your own risk. And if you are shot down by a base you will not be compensated.


    Making structural changes to buildings you have raided is prohibited under griefing rules


    Cave bases cannot enclose the front entrance and only be accessible through drop-down. If an admin sees a base like this they will “correct” it how ever is necessary and that doesn’t involve placing doors for you.