Bounty Hunting

Addition for Era 12: RustNet Bounty System

Banditry has been replaced with Bounty board.

Players may place bounties (in items) on other players via a rustnet terminal.

You(and your clan) may not place a bounty on the same player more than once per 24 hours.

You (and your clan) may not hunt a bounty you have placed (unless it was a result of badlands/pvp zone combat) [this is expressly so you cant simply open up killing a specific player for yourself at will] 

Would be Bounty hunters must post in the bounty-hunting channel on the discord when taking up a target for bounty

Bounty hunters may only pursue 1 player at a time unless they are a part of a clan/group.

Bounty hunters that wish to change targets must post they are canceling their current hunt. And must wait 1 hour after they choose to cancel their unfulfilled hunt to go after a different target. (this is to prevent fast swapping targets because you happened to see one)

Bounties should have a valid RP reason behind it and not be without cause. Excessive unwanted targeting of a player may be met with admin intervention. (This is to add to roleplay not harass players)

You cannot claim the bounty of a friend/clan member. And you cannot split the bounty with the hunted or otherwise seek to find ways around or to abuse the bounty system and its purpose. Use common sense, if you aren’t sure its ok, don’t do it and check with an admin.