Badlands and Player vs. Player(PvP) zones

Badlands are all PvP map tiles that grant increased gather rates at the risk of being attacked at any time. These are highly dangerous areas and meant to play with risk and reward for the savvy player.

  • Kill-on-sight(KoS)/Random-death-match(RDM) Is allowed at all times within Badlands tiles and PvP zones. When you are in one of these zones you will see your tile marker in the top left of your screen turn red to reflect that you are in the Badlands or a PvP zone.

  • Raid bubbles, Airdrops and Warzones are temporary zones and thus only the KOS/RDM rules are exempt in them.

  • Other Normal Building restrictions and Player Conduct rules still apply.

    • As a reminder, you may not wall off a monument to restrict access.


  • Badlands zones have unique building/raiding rules. The following are permitted in Badlands tiles ONLY.

    • Anyone may raid in Badlands At Any Time

    • Traps may be placed without warning signage in Badlands tiles.

    • Turrets may be placed without warning signage in Badlands. However, they must not shoot into monuments or out of Badlands without normal signage.

    • Trap bases may be built in Badlands tiles. (so be wary of bases that are too good to be true)