Gives players the ability to setup storage containers with configurable items and item categories via an in-inventory UI then with the click of a button sort and dump all the items from the players inventory in to the designated spots.

/sorthelp - Show help text with information on how to use the plugin

This - Moves items from your inventory to the box if the item meets the set requirements for the box
Nearby- Moves items from your inventory to boxes to boxes within X radius if the item meets the set requirements for the box
Arrange Box - Arranges all items in the box with the selected categories/items listed first
Dump All- Empty your inventory into the box regardless of the accepted items
Loot All- Empty the box into your inventory



Allows players to create groups that will authorize added members for things such as code locks, building privilege and auto turrets.

/ag help - Lists all commands
/ag - List auth groups you manage
/ag create NAME - Create a new auth group
/ag delete NAME - Delete an auth group you own
/ag NAME - Show info about an auth group
/ag NAME add|remove - Add or remove items to or from the group
/ag NAME add|remove PLAYER - Add or remove a player to or from the group
/ag NAME promote|demote PLAYER - Add or remove a player as manager
/ag NAME sync - Ensure that only group members are auth'd
/ag NAME turrets - Send a command to all turrets
/ag NAME codelocks - Send a command to all locks



Permits players to build drawbridges by going up to a foundation or floor and running the build command which will place it on that building block. The bridge will match the building grade by default. If upgraded, will change after using it.

/bridge.use - Toggle any bridge within use range that is not locked and is owned by you
/bridge.build - While looking at a foundation or floor, it will place a new bridge on it
/bridge.rotate - Rotates bridge 90 degrees
/bridge.lock - Locks bridge from use
/bridge.count - Displays amount of bridges
/bridge.destroy - Destroys the bridge you are currently standing on
/bridge.setplate - Places a pressure plate that allows players to use bridge without commands
/bridge.setramp - Allows player to stop bridge at a specific degree amount



Our newest land claiming system! Create your own faction, invite members, set their custom ranks, create taxes on your land, expand your land claim, declare hostiles and then eventually war!

/faction - Brings up the Conquest UI
Also accessible by clicking the Conquest logo to the left of your hotbar.
G (Map) - Will display all land claims

Extended information found on Discord.

Dragable Corpses


Allows corpses to be moved around by a player anywhere, with safe zones being an exception.

While looking at a corpse hold:
Left Mouse Button (Primary Attack)
Then press the button E (Use)
Which will start dragging the corpse.

Release both buttons to stop dragging.

Electric Taser


Craftable item from /shop which when shot at a player will down them for 5 seconds with a shock charge. The time to recharge the taser is 10 seconds. Will do minimal damage to the receiving player.

Only given to players with an applicable roleplay such as law enforcement or bounty hunting.

Apply for our "Police Suite" on Discord!



Use scrap to place bounties on other players for whatever reason you may have. Will reward bounty hunter with the scrap if successful. If the hunter dies, the huntee will receive the scrap.

/bounty - Displays the bounty UI

Type the targets name, amount of scrap (has to be in your inventory), the reason, and click Create Bounty.

Once the bounty contact (note) has been given, the hunter must activate it by placing it in your hotbar and hitting 1-6.



Gives players the ability to rob other players. Must be within your roleplay to use this feature as well as a minimum playtime of two hours each wipe.

/rob - Will initiate a robbery

Player being robbed will have 15 seconds to choose surrender or resist, defaults to surrender.

SURRENDER - Robber is able to look in players inventory and remove items based on system.

RESIST - Countdown from 10 seconds appears after which you will be able to fight each other.

Rusty Cuffs


Gives player the ability to craft handcuffs to restrain other players and escort them.

To restrain a player you must equip the cuffs item and while looking at a player hold the R (RELOAD) key.

Handcuffs are craftable in the /shop

Only given to players with an applicable roleplay such as law enforcement or bounty hunting.

Apply for our "Police Suite" on Discord!

Sign Artist


Allows the player to load custom images to any sign from a remote URL. File size must be under 1MB and most standard image formats are accepted.

/sil URL - Will post image to the sign
/silt MESSAGE  - Will post text to the sign
/silrestore - Restores image if broken
/sili - Adds currently held item icon to sign

[<fontsize: number>] [<color: hex value>] [<bgcolor: hex value>] can be used with /silt when following the message.

Frame Box


Allows players to place a photo frame on a box. After locking the photo frame the place can access the attached box through the frame. Sign positions are configurable.

/fb - Brings up help text in game
/fb add - Shows available sign positions
/fb add right/left - Places sign in location
/fb add frontleft - Places sign in location
/fb add all - Places signs in all positions
/fb remove - Removes sign
/fb removal all - Removes all signs on box
/fb cost - Cost of sign
/fb unlock - Unlocks sign for edits
/fb unlock all - Unlocks all signs for edits

Skin It


Use RP (Reward Points) to purchase skins for any applicable items, from attire to weapons. Database does not include skins that have been accepted for use. Includes skins that are in the workshop.

/skinbox - Display UI for Skin It

Drag item into the bottom right spot and the Available Skins will populate with the skins currently available for use.

To suggest a new skin, click the + symbol at the top left while the Skin It UI is up.
You will need the workshop ID number which you can find in the URL of it.

Extended Horses


Allows players to claim a horse as their own. Add stashes, allow other players to ride, and add a passenger seat to the horse!

/horse trust PLAYER - Mark player as trusted
/horse untrust PLAYER - Unmark player as trusted
/horse trusted - Lists trusted players
/horse stash LEFT/RIGHT - Adds missing stash
/horse passenger - Toggle the passenger seat

You can also use /hrs in place of /horse.

Tree Planter


Allows players to buy trees and bushes to place themselves for RP (Reward Points).

/tree - Brings up list of available items

You may only place trees and bushes in areas where you have building privilege.

RP Name


Permits players to change their name on the server without the need to mess with Steam.

May change your name for free three times per era, after that you will be charged Reward Points.

/rpname - Display UI for name changing