What is Skinbox?

Skinbox is a plug-in that allows players to skin items with any skin available in the Steam Rust Workshop. Players may open the Skinbox interface in-game by typing /skinbox in chat. For further instruction, please see the demonstrational video.

Skins may be requested to be added to the Skinbox by any player via. the Google form below.  

Skins currently in the Rust Factions Skinbox may be found in the Google sheet below.

To skin items, players must use a currency “RP” which is automatically granted per hour of active in-game time.

Deployables:(ALL players can skin) 8 RP

Weapons: (Donator Only) 10 RP

Armor: (Donator Only) 16 RP

While every player earns 2 RP an hour, Rust Factions’ donators receive RP points at increased rates. Players may be granted RP at the discretion of staff as a reward for participation in RP events.

For more information on donations, please see:

For more information on using Skinbox, please see the plug-in’s chaoscode page, and the demonstrational video.

Examples of custom clothing skins on Rust Factions used in the Skinbox

How Do I View Which Skins Are Currently in the Skinbox?

Requested and approved skins currently in the Rust Factions Skinbox may be viewed in the following Google sheet.

How Do I Request Skins Are Added to the Skinbox?

Please fill out the following form to request skins are added to the Rust Factions Skinbox. When skins are approved and added to the Skinbox by Rust Factions staff, they will be marked as “Approved” in the Google sheet. Skins will be periodically wiped and removed to reduce bloat.