What is Banditry?

The Banditry plug-in allows approved Bandits to initiate robberies on unsuspecting players. 

Victims have a choice: surrender or resist.

Upon surrendering, the Bandit will have access to the Victim’s inventory and may take some items. The amount of items the Bandit may take depends on the Bandit’s “Bandit Point” balance, which regenerates over time. Different items have different “Bandit Point” values; an AK-47 costs substantially more for the Bandit to take than a rock.

If the Victim chooses to resist, a countdown is initiated after which the Victim may defend themselves or the Bandit may make good on their threat…

If the Victim takes no action after a set amount of time, they automatically surrender.

After a successful application, a player will be given a [Bandit] tag and access to Banditry commands.

To apply, please visit our Discord and navigate to the “Tickets” category and the #reports-and-support channel to create a Bandit application ticket.

Criteria for Bandit Applications:

Maximum of 5 Bandits per Era; if a Bandit is inactive, they may have their status taken away from them.

If you were a Bandit last Era, other applicants may have priority over you.

Players should not have a history of “grey-area” behaviour or general disturbance.

Terms of Banditry:

Do not team-up with non-bandits for robberies.

Robbing someone is a valid RP reason for their friends to kill you. Be prepared to die.

Do not attack the Bandit victim before they have surrendered or resisted. 

Do not repeatedly rob a single player, and do not harass players.


/rob – initiates robbery on the player you’re looking at

/checkaccount – displays currently available Bandit Points

/surrender – allows Bandits to access your inventory to take a limited number of items

/resist – alerts the Bandit that you are resisting, and initiates a countdown during which all damage is blocked