Town Applications

Town Application
Must be in NAME#1234 Format
Minimum of 3 Players
I understand that up to three official towns are chosen per Era at the discretion of staff I understand that we should not enter, rob or oust residents in the city without a Roleplay reason to do so (pox outbreak, disorderly premises, failure to pay rent) I understand that I am expected to post an 'eviction notice' on Reddit prior to evicting a resident I understand that evicting of residents, unless a #report has been filed and individuals are found to be breaking server rules, staff will not assist with evicting residents I understand that we are required to build a faction HQ separate from the city to ensure that factions warring against us may have less reason to target a city I understand that whenever possible, we should use Roleplay to resolve conflict within the city without immediately contacting staff I understand that if we wish to fold the town or transfer ownership, we are required to post in Reddit